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Automate Handle With Care

Thinking about implementing Handle With Care at your school district?

Take the next step with Lifting Up!

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How We Are Different

Trauma-Informed Design to help schools Identify AND Respond with Care

Our tool connects Law Enforcement & School Administrators AUTOMATICALLY if a student is impacted by traumatic event. ​NO PAPER FORMS. NO FAXES. NO TEXTS.​

Officers can focus on managing the incident, and Lifting Up handles the rest.

  1. 100% automated notification based on incident type to eliminate burden on officers;

  2. Data dashboard for school staff to monitor and track the impacted students at the district, building, and individual level;

  3. Professional development services to support your HWC Champions to maintain best practices for trauma-informed approaches.

ACEs and Toxic Stress

Students can't always tell you if something is wrong, but if he or she has experienced trauma it affects their ability to learn and engage at school.

Working together for
Trauma-Informed Schools

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Increasingly, schools are taking action to mitigate the negative, long-term impacts that trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have on children if not addressed.

Lifting Up can help connect the dots for early identification and intervention in the school setting.

Our Clients

We serve over 66,000 students from 120 different schools.
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We know every community is different.

That's why we love hearing about YOUR trauma-informed strategies, YOUR district goals, YOUR community!


Reach out to share what you're working on, and to talk about how we can partner with you to help!  

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